Supply chain management – configuration of supply chains and logistics

In a globally interconnected movement of goods with increasing demand for speed, efficiency and flexibility, delivery relations between customers and suppliers are getting more and more complex. The right product or service, at the right time, at the right location, and with the right quality at the right cost – this task can only be mastered through close cooperation between suppliers and customers.

Together with our customers we work on solving these tasks. Just-in-time concepts, delivery and distribution logistics, but also intra-logistics and creation of the necessary processes are topics we address as part of our supply chain approach. After a thorough needs assessment, we develop concepts to support you in your preparations and the selection of the necessary tools and systems, and accompany their implementation. In doing this, we work with modern lean management methods like value stream mapping and design, innovative approaches like process mining and simulation, and our in-depth knowledge of the current system landscape.


Supply chain management is a subject area that covers several core topics of GEPRO: process design and optimization, logistics and production planning, system selection and purchasing organisation. We pooled these topics into our thematic priority of SCM and we have the respective references and experience. In addition, GEPRO employees are active in research and training concerning this topic and can thus bring the latest developments into the consultancy projects.