Tools and resources for smart automation

Production processes where people and robots work hand in hand and driverless transport systems that approach their goal as if steered by magic are characteristics of smart automation already visible today. However, the advent of smart automation in modern production processes can not only be tied to these large, visible examples. Broken down, smart automation has been entering our companies for years in the form of highly diverse sensors, image processing identification systems, work piece carrier systems, torque drivers with integrated torque surveillance and included drill process logging in the shape of industrial robots, to name only a few examples. From the interaction of these smart tools, which initially were often used in isolated applications, smart automation has been emerging for some time: intelligent, digital and flexible.

Smart automation is characterized by the application of manufacturing equipment fitted with artificial intelligence, paired with an appropriate IT infrastructure for data exchange, processing in real time with each other, and direct provision of information to employees who work hand in hand with this manufacturing equipment. Apart from carrying out the actual, value-adding core operation, the smart automation also assumes the role of further processing and interpreting information up to simple decision-making.


Whether it is single-user workstations, stand-walk-lines or clocked plants: Together with you, we develop an implementation plan for how your production can be enhanced with smart automation. We analyse the current situation and highlight potential improvements and needs. Due to our ongoing market monitoring, we are able to present you with customized proposals for solution. With this know-how and our experience in designing intelligent production and logistics systems, we lead companies on their path to smart automation.