Reducing Business Risks from Project Ramp-up

What are the concerns?

In any kind of projects worldwide companies are going to develop their business and concentrate their resources and investments in projects so far. Irresistibly the complexity of projects is growing, frequently there are heavy risks related to Handover and Ramp-up. When complex systems are going productive – new business processes, automated systems and shop floor operations together – a big and risky challenge has to be managed. These risks are able to demolish a lot of business success perceptibly – this can be avoided.

Handover and Ramp-up is not carefully managed quite often in spite of heavy risks, when new processes, investments and skills are meeting daily business. Therefore, the handover and Ramp-up success is primarily dedicated to the way to manage these risks. Concerns are as well related to the very common approach to manage Ramp-up phase “old school” with supplier-support and workarounds based on in-house means. This simple but risky management approach is preferred, instead of handing over this “state of emergency” to an experienced pilot expert team responsible for a certain period to launch the new processes through stormy weathers.

Finally the success depends on a well-shaped methodical approach as well as on a systematically, controlled integration work including all stakeholders well balanced. This is the triple clue: Using a neutral partner´s expertise at this stage for reducing business risks, safeguard customer relations and accelerate the ramp-up. This new approach safe much more money than it costs.

Rapid Business Elevating – RBE

Our approach is a Management buy-in to transform Business Strategy into successful daily business, not losing time, money, market shares and reputation. The ramp-up period is a state of emergency, frequently feared by management. Everything is new, inter-disciplinary driven and risky. A key issue is "Systems Thinking" on all levels up from shop floor and suppliers to integrators, in-house services and management. Stakeholders are not able to manage such an emergency state successfully from inside the company.

In this concern, companies are well advised to think extended and to accept a pilot expert interim management team who is driving the new business along the critical interfaces. Based on RBE criteria's - considering 11 elements - they will reduce the mentioned risks massively and boost performance.

What is behind our RBE-IM concept? The Ramp-up needs to be prepared, expectations defined and safe reactions trained. It is to set priorities at an early stage and to train system thinking. Actions are to be dedicated to the different business units unambiguously to be able to proceed for good collaboration and to get performant.

Approaching the "Rapid Business Elevating" concept is outstanding compared to Ramp-up management as used. Everything is transparent, the baseline and progress stages are measurable. Continuous status reports are providing early management information.

RBE provides neutral and comprehensive Interim-Management for all necessary actions to achieve a low-risk „go-live“ and a successful „Ramp-up-Sprint“. RBE approach is intervening deeply into all relevant competences and resources, it requires to overtake relevant initiatives for a certain period of time


  • GEPRO developed RBE - Interim Management approach
  • GEPRO is delivering a package of well-balanced elements as well as innovative tools (like Data-/Process-Mining, System Exerciser, Process-Simulation, Gamification) in combination with well-proven management methods.
  • GEPRO is using certain methods for communication across locations and virtual team management. KPIs are the drivers.
  • GEPRO approach is focusing on customer operations processes and quality to be elevated as quick as useful to expected performance level. The package will be tailored; it depends on customer and project situation.
  • GEPRO is the expert for efficient processes, lean methods and value streams design.
  • GEPRO owns a Competence Team with experts from different disciplines, supported by specialists on demand and cooperating with regional partners close located to customer. They are well trained to use RBE elements and methods as well as to train the customer on site.

The executive head of task-group RBE-IM, Elmar Beckord, is experienced in Interim Management, Project Management, Consulting, Training and Coaching along the Supply Chain since more than 35 years. He took care of several Ramp-ups in national and international projects; the RBE approach is based on it.

With our partner GITTA GmbH, Berlin, we ensure to incorporate socially acceptable man-and-technology concepts for satisfying all relevant stakeholders.