Shaping change and accomplishing goals with suitable project management

Change means striking out on new paths and bringing companions with you. Ideally, there is an analogue or digital route map and a guide who knows what they are doing. This means going the right way and feeling secure.

This is exactly what change projects in companies are like. Whether the project is the construction and first-time operation of new companies, the introduction of new IT systems, or the need for optimal design of processes. And yet, good ideas are often not implemented successfully because a wrong or long-winded path was pursued. Frequently, the reason for this is inadequate or unsuitable project management. “We will get there somehow, we know the destination after all” is the unsuitable approach often cited.

Successful projects feature committed project participants and efficient project management. Efficiency here means a balanced relationship between costs and benefits of using appropriate methods and tools. Sometimes too much organisation takes place, the methods do not fit the company culture or the focus becomes the method.


GEPRO has devoted itself to project work since its launch. This means organizing our own projects as well as the design of changes requested by our customers. We have applied many different methods. They range from simple to do lists in Excel to roadmaps and network plans to agile methods like Scrum or Kanban. This also includes communication via email, web-based platforms and chat-tools or social media. The most important insight here is that no plan can anticipate reality. New paths also mean unknown territory. Dealing with “interruptions” in an appropriate way is significantly more important for successful projects than the best planning of complex network structures. Our experience shows that guiding the processes of change is more important than the tools used. A successful project manager must be able to form and lead teams, identify and solve conflicts, and coach and motivate the team members.

Our experienced project managers are trained for this and look back on many years of successful project management. They are ideally suited to be your guides on the path through your project management tasks.