Innovative optimization and analysis of business processes with process mining

In the age of industry 4.0 and digitalization, almost all operational activities leave “digital traces” in different IT systems. These traces can be used to make business processes transparent, evaluate them, and identify weak points. This is particularly facilitated by the increasing rise of data quality in operative IT systems.

Using innovative software tools and process mining algorithms, we generate a map of your actual process operations from our data. In collaboration with you, we then start the evaluation and optimization. To do this, we draw on established techniques of process optimization and pair these with innovative automated evaluation methods.

We use the technique of process mining both in the operative and the administrative work environment. Classic cases of application are:

  • process optimization
  • standardization
  • auditing
  • mapping and controlling of process quality
  • business process modeling
  • process design
  • compliance analysis
  • working capital reduction

Through process mining, we provide you with a quick overview of your processes, performance and process quality.

How can I benefit from this?

Through the use of process mining, you can make decisions based on true numbers, data and facts – not based on subjective observations. We create transparency in your processes.

Through the use of innovative software tools and algorithms, we shorten the process mapping time to about 10% (compared to conventional methods). We create a dynamic visualization of your business processes and generate automated key figures based on which we can quickly start optimization and standardization. In addition, we reduce frequently occurring loops and repetitions during process mapping to a minimum.


GEPRO has been optimizing and designing processes for almost 40 years. We incorporate our experience, expertise and know-how into our projects. Additionally, we are equipped with software tools and expert knowledge for process mining with our customers and establishing it in the long term.

Last but not least, we contribute to our consulting projects our philosophy that even in a world in which digitalization is progressing swiftly and further and further, in the end the decisive factor for success is people.