The manufacturing footprint – interaction of production for global markets

Your available space limits further growth? New innovative structures in manufacturing and logistics cannot be implemented any more or only inadequately? New markets cannot be supplied by the previous locations? The interaction of different locations needs to be reassessed?

Those are the typical issues that are addressed as part of a footprint. Especially when reacting to changed conditions, the manufacturing footprint of a company plays a decisive role. The footprint answers short-term questions and what is more, it points out long-term development perspectives.

A footprint is developed on the strategic level (“What is the objective – market strategy, production strategy?”) but it also needs to take into consideration the operative feasibility: Which process actions can be carried out in which locations in a competent and efficient way? Which resources are available now and in the future? Which constraints exist and will arise in the future, no matter in which area (products, machines, logistics etc.)?

This means that in developing a footprint, many detailed questions and their correlations need to be looked at – both macroscopic and microscopic aspects must be taken into consideration. Finally, different solutions and their cost-benefit ratio need to be compared. The consideration of future evaluations in the form of a sensitivity analysis is part of the thorough development of a footprint as well.


We support you in answering these questions with a holistic approach that takes into consideration all the different aspects and functions affected in your company. We combine this with thorough knowledge on processes in manufacturing plants and long-standing experience in different countries and industries. In parallel, we apply established and innovative tools to develop quantifiable solutions, which pave the way for our customers to a production strategy fit for the future.