Logistics and material flow planning

In our private lives, we experience logistics first-hand. Same day delivery, the option to determine the delivery date via an app and even get a notification of delivery time with a 30-minute accuracy. Good logistics stand out due to the best possible fulfilment of the 6Rs of logistics: the Right product, at the Right time, in the Right quantity, at the Right location, with the Right quality and at the Right (i.e. preferably low) cost. Today, this service should also take place with the right digital support, and be as flexible and customer-friendly as possible. This applies to both internal and external customers.

Logistics obtain security and reliability through a degree of complexity that suits the product, the scope and the company culture. Today, logistics are flexible enough to cope with changes in consumer behavior, continuously reducing product cycles and increasing diversity of variants. If the basis for ideal material flow is established during the process of layout planning, it is up to logistics to manage constantly changing guidelines, for example regarding unit volume, variants, delivered quantities and delivery times. To this end, modern digital tools are incorporated into today’s logistical processes, and options to incorporate future developments are built in.

Modern logistics, fit for the future, are one of the vital recipes for commercial success. However, logistics need to present their own profitability at the same time.


GEPRO consists of a proficient team of consultants experienced in logistics and material flow planning. Thus, our team draws on a large fund of experience and expertise.

The overlap of our consultants' expertise with the specialist subject of layout planning ensures highly integrated overall planning.