“Due diligence” includes the meticulous analysis, inspection and evaluation of the company that is to be bought. In addition to the “financial due diligence” commonly carried out, we survey the technical capability of your target company. To do this, we consider products and their technological positioning, the configuration and execution of company processes including the system support applied, as well as the areas of manufacturing, logistics, supply chain management regarding equipment, use of resources and need of modernization.

Technical due diligence as part of the overall due diligence considers the technological and process-oriented aspects of an investment. Assessing the technological status of the resources used and especially the status of the process organization helps to better evaluate the possible investment and most of all to estimate investment needs more accurately.

Due Diligence


Our long-standing experience in the areas “process” and “technology” enable us to develop competent evaluations. We use systematic analyses in the shape of process and technology checks as well as innovative “process mining” to conduct substantiated assessments. So far, we have worked for investors, banks and various companies that needed a detailed technical and technological assessment as buyers of other companies.