Post Merger Integration (PMI)

Within the scope of mergers & acquisitions, the post-merger phase determines the scheme’s success. In this phase after signing the contract, myriad challenges need to be mastered to actually realize the planned goals and expectations: merging company cultures, attuning processes and systems that do not seem to match at first, motivating employees to give their best, turning former adversaries into future cooperation partners and finally, retaining existing customers and gaining new customers.

Every PMI-project has different starting situations: Targets and form are quite different, the combinations of partners are different and have different backgrounds; timescales, resources and starting points are individual and the interaction and relationship of the partners involved is different. Nevertheless, all PMI-projects have similarities: The employees are the key to success; they need to be won over (“managing mergers means managing fears”). A PMI project is characterized by fine-tuning on many levels, with many facets and mostly under time pressure (“the work begins as soon as the deal is closed”).

We support our customers in PMI-projects with these tasks. We support in conception, planning, guidance and management of the entire post-merger integration, for example by working in the core team; we are the link between project groups and teams and the organization and management; we offer technical support for finding solutions and accompany teams throughout implementation.


In a PMI phase, it is helpful for the responsible team to receive support from qualified and neutral partners, since the necessary resources are needed quickly and only temporarily. Neutrality facilitates the goal-oriented solution of conflicts between the M&A partners. We offer experienced consultants who have handled such projects and have the respective qualifications. These include organisational skills, working systematically, project management, and also expert knowledge and the ability to facilitate. Furthermore, we draw on a team of experienced employees who can be brought in for temporary tasks if need be.