Producing the right thing at the right location

The need to expand, opening up new markets, access to resources or cost pressure can be the trigger to think about a company’s location and discuss new locations. The criteria for a location decision are manifold and range from geographical, infrastructural, logistical, financial and company-strategical to economic-political areas. Additionally, the criteria are often intertwined, hence a holistic and systematic course of action is necessary.

With our holistic strategy, we systematically capture diverse quantifiable and non-quantifiable parameters and evaluate them with regard to their contribution to target compliance. The basis are the specific requirements of the company for the respective location, which we compile together with our client and complete with our empirical values. Subsequently, we determine various influential variables like costs, traffic connections, availability of employees and the legal situation for different locations. We create scenarios and support in the decision making.

Apart from verifying the feasibility and selection of suitable locations, we supervise the detailed planning and lend our support for the implementation.

Fahnen Europa


We have extensive project experience in this area, both in the conception and the refinement to follow. Our holistic thinking and our experience are essential success factors for the selection and planning of a location; our expertise in the planning and implementation lead to long term success.