Lean management in the age of digitalization and industry 4.0

Today we face changes, opportunities and risks due to advancing digitalization, both in our professional and private environment. Companies are addressing on many levels how they can make use of this trend. So how does lean management fit with the advancing change?

The lean philosophy is basically a system of values. The thought to only carry out those operations that directly or indirectly create value which the customer is willing to pay for takes center stage within this system. At the same time, the lean philosophy is characterized by the thought that nothing manmade can be perfect, but perfection should be strived for. Plus, respect for colleagues, partners and contributors as well as the means of labor and the products is vital.

This system of values is applicable in companies to both production and logistics, and administrative areas. Respect requires investigation of the peculiarities of the environment in detail and catering to the needs of the respective workplace and contributor. Thus, a lean approach, for example like 5S, will convey the same core values in all departments, and be individualized in practice, for example in production and administration.

Lean management highlights new use cases, especially in the realm of industry 4.0. It creates an open company culture that is ready for change, which acts as the basis for introducing new technologies and processes. In parallel, it highlights the way to strive not for the maximum that is technically feasible, but for what is maximally useful and sensible. Hereby, lean management is the perfect partner and catalyst of the latest developments and technologies; in manufacturing as well as in administration. For us, industry 4.0 and digitalization are trends that do not render lean approaches obsolete but are mutually dependent. Only on the basis of a company’s lean policy can the respective approaches be established in a sustainable and value adding way.

What we offer

We support companies in designing and establishing company structures with comprehensive experience in the operative application of lean methodology and broad know-how in production, logistics, supply chain management, administration and the latest technological developments. Our focus in this is on the holistic observation of the given structures. Based on the lean principles, we improve processes, eliminate waste and develop new standards.


GEPRO accompanies customers from the analysis to the implementation and establishment of new standards. Beside the process optimization, the human being is the center of our study.

GEPRO was one of the first German consultancies to establish lean approaches in the context of small, medium and large companies. In recent years, we have developed methods and tools adapted specifically to the needs of companies in production and administration.