Layout Planning

Almost daily, planners are faced with the task of adapting manufacturing capacities to new circumstances. New or advanced products, changing unit volumes, increasing diversity of variants, new manufacturing technology or legal requirements are examples of influencing factors that determine the manufacturing layout. Considerations stretch from individual workstations, through departments, to the entire manufacturing plant or manufacturing compound. The necessary support processes are also part of the considerations.

The key approach of layout planning is to understand it as a constant process that constitutes the basis for a company’s continuous adaption to market conditions. Following the goals of lean manufacturing, GEPRO layout planning is characterized by a tried and tested course of action resulting in a detailed future layout and implementation plan for a flexible, lean and efficient factory, which has proven successful in many layout planning projects.

The tried and tested procedure of GEPRO layout planning increases the flexibility, leanness and efficiency of our customers’ factories. Together with you we analyze the status quo and define initial improvements and the eventual target state. After determining future requirements and describing an ideal state of the new factory, we compile different layouts from which we then deduce an implementation proposal. Following the planning phase, we work with you until the layout planning project’s realization.

Layout planning as a constant process provides the possibility to fast and flexibly change your manufacturing to react to upcoming business development or actively shape it in advance without disrupting everyday business.


GEPRO consists of a competent team of experienced consultants who have successfully conducted numerous layout planning projects. Our team can draw upon a great wealth of experience and expertise in this area.

The cooperation with our partner aib agiplan integrale bauplanung GmbH allows us to draw on experts in architecture and constructional engineering. Through this partnership, we ensure that for layout planning projects we work across disciplines for the benefit of the customer.