Manufacturing as we know it today will no longer exist in the future. Humans and robots will work hand in hand, tools will be made by 3D printers, all processes will be well-matched, transport will be driverless and the factory will fully support all employees. The factory becomes more interconnected, efficient and intelligent.

Will that really be the case? This scenario is certainly no longer a mere vision. In some plants, for example the automobile industry, this future has already arrived. The trend towards profitable manufacturing of multi-variant and small output needs to be matched by adequate measures. The requirements are: improved flexibility, reduced cycle times, shorter planning cycles, a significantly accelerated ability to react to changes, improved plant efficiency and decision-making on shop floor level at short notice.

In order to fulfill these requirements, data needs to be generated and processed along the entire process chain with suitable tools and systems. The ERP (enterprise resource planning) solutions often used here are quickly stretched to their limits. Data needs to be provided in real-time, for which MES (manufacturing execution systems) solutions are most suitable. However, these need to be optimally customized to the respective company requirements. Intelligent solutions are not standard solutions. Additionally, the MES market is a heterogeneous supply market. It reaches from simple factory data collection solutions to platform concepts for globally connected companies. Overview and experience are called for.


GEPRO continuously monitors and documents the market of suppliers in the areas of MES, intelligent automation and digitalization and owns extensive databases on this. With this know-how and our experience in designing manufacturing and logistics systems, we accompany companies on their way to intelligent and efficient solutions.